Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Catching up with Qannik

Qannik grabs a snack and runs upstairs.

It is February 27, International Polar Bear Day.

Heute ist der 27. Februar 2014 -Internationale Polar Bear Day.

Qannik runs off with her snack

It is a good day to catch up with Qannik, the 3 year old cub who was rescued in Alaska after she was separated from her mother and sister.

Es ist ein guter Tag, um aufzuholen mit Qannik, dem 3-jährigen Eisbär - Mädchen, die als Jungtier in Alaska gerettet wurde, nachdem sie von ihrer Mutter und Schwester getrennt wurde. 

Qannnik enjoys her piece of meat in the privacy of the upstairs overpass

Qannik now weighs over 400 pounds. She loves to play in the pool at the Louisville Zoo, and her favorite toy is a big log.

Qannik wiegt jetzt über 400 Pfund. Sie liebt es, im Pool zu spielen, und ihr Lieblingsspielzeug ist ein großes Holzscheit. 

Qannik and her floating log

The zoo has plans to introduce her to 4 year old Siku, but we don't know when. Siku weighs 640 pounds.

Der Zoo plant, ihr den 4-jährigen Siku vorzustellen, aber wir wissen nicht, wann. Siku wiegt mittlerweile 640 Pfund. 

Siku is now 4 years old. He was born in the Toledo Zoo.

Qannik has found a popcorn bucket
So here are some pictures of Qannik as she plays in Polar Bear Alley in Glacier Run at the Louisville Zoo.

So, hier sind einige Bilder von Qannik, wie sie spielt in der Polar Bear Alley Glacier Run im Louisville Zoo. 

Qannik runs upstairs with her treasure

Miss Qannik

Is there any more lettuce in here?

Qannik looks for treasures around the truck in Bear Alley

Qannik looks at her reflection in Bear Alley

Siku in training mode.
 He weighs 640 pounds and is 4 years old

Siku plays in the water at the Louisville Zoo


  1. Dear MOLLY - Thank you SO MUCH for this wonderful 'International Polar Bear Day gift'. That's a real joy you brought to me, most probably also "to us"! What handsome bears QANNIK and SIKU are! Hopefully they won't have to wait too long anymore until they will be introduced to each other, and hopefully everything will go smoothly with their sociation!

  2. Dear Dumba,
    I think they will be together very soon. It will be nice for each of them to have a playmate. The Louisville Zoo does a wonderful job in keeping the bears interested and busy, but Siku and Qannik will enjoy polar bear games together, hopefully this summer.