Friday, February 28, 2014

Berit and Little One Frolic in February

Little One and Berit at play at the Cincinnati Zoo
on a beautiful winter's day

Berit loves to swim. She is always swimming laps.
 On this cold  February day, she is playing
 with her friend Little One in the small pool

Berit pounces on Little One. Splash!

Little One and Berit, mouth to mouth

Do you want to water wrestle?

Little One says, "I'll let you win, Berit"

"Come on, let's play!"

Happy Together

Little One and Berit spend time together now that she is out of her winter den

Little One is having fun with his best friend, Berit.

Berit has dark marks on her face, probably from rubbing on bars to scratch

Little One wants to play some more

Berit looks shy

Spring is not far away for these lovebirds

Little One and Berit kiss and make up