Sunday, April 1, 2018

Easter Party at the Cincinnati Zoo

Fiona the famous baby Hippo gets some melon from her keepers.
The Cincinnati Zoo arranged for many of its animals to have special enrichment on the day before Easter. The bears all got watermelons, which after all, are shaped like eggs. Fiona and Bibi the hippos also loved their watermelon and other treats. The gorillas received baskets and had an egg hunt. Zoo volunteers have been busy all week making papier mache eggs, which were enjoyed by many of the residents.

Polar Bear Anana enjoys her melon
Here are a few photos and video links of the fun. Because many of the events were being held simultaneously, I could only visit some of the enrichment activities. The Malayan tiger cubs, the Painted African Dogs, the Warthog, the Snow Leopards, and many other residents were given fun activities. Even the new Aardvark baby Winsol had a visit from the Easter Bunny. I tried to visit as many as I could, starting with the polar bears.

Little One has smashed his "Easter Egg" open.

Little One and Anana share nicely. They each got a watermelon.

Anana and Little One

Little One has had enough. Anana is still eating.

Little One is ready for a nap.
Click here for a video of Little One 

The Black Bears had to fish their out of the water. It is important to make the animals hunt for or work for their food, as they would in nature.


The three lady elephants had melons
 and papier mache eggs with peanuts inside

Finding the eggs

Cracking the egg
Stomping on the egg

Fiona the famous baby hippo  wants some melon

Fiona chews and smiles

Bibi gets a big watermelon.

Click here for a video of the hippos 

The hyacinths and daffodils are in full bloom and the tulips are starting.

Red Pandas had papier mache eggs filled with goodies.

Looking for Easter treats
Video of Red Panda and Easter Eggs
Mother Seyia and Baby Kendi had a garden party in the Rhino Reserve.

Mother and Son enjoy the day

Click here for short video of the Rhinos

One of the lion ladies tries out a box

Already empty

The Aardvarks live in the Night Hunters building, in the dark. They still had an egg delivery. Baby Winsol is sleeping.