Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Qannik's in the doghouse!

Little Miss Qannik, new arrival at the Louisville Zoo, loves her doghouse. She likes to climb inside, move it around, knock it down the stairs, make it into a roof for her ice pool, and tip it over to make a cozy cradle. Qannik recently arrived in Louisville after being rescued in Alaska, and spending some time in the Alaska Zoo.


  1. Must have been written by some one not familiar with Alaska or Alaskans and probably under 23. or they might have figured out that the terms igloo and such are derogatory terms, even for non native Alaskans!

  2. Igloos are a very TEMPORARY home built in case of blizzards or such like!

  3. I'm sorry I inadvertently said anything offensive. I have rewritten, and deleted. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.