Sunday, July 28, 2013

The American Siku in Summer

Siku looks for treats in the grass
It has been a long time since I saw you, Siku. You have grown!

Es war eine lange Zeit, seit ich dich sah, Siku. Sie sind so viel größer!

Glacier Run demonstrates the damage caused by 
climate change and melting in the Arctic.
 Here Siku sits on a broken road

The American Siku

Now that his grandmother Arki has died, sadly, in May, there are only two polar bears in the Louisville Zoo. But little Qannik is off exhibit, due to a boil or sore on her leg. Her doctors are keeping her inside until it is totally healed.

Nun, da seine Großmutter Arki ist gestorben, traurig, im Mai gibt es nur zwei Eisbären im Louisville Zoo. Aber wenig Qannik ausgeschaltet zeigen aufgrund wunde auf ihr Bein. Ihre Ärzte halten sie hinein, bis es völlig verheilt ist.

Notice: Qannik is resting inside until her leg is healed

Siku in Bear Alley, keeping cool on a hot  summer day

Siku is a big boy now

I saw Siku when he was a little cub on several visits to the Arctic Encounter at the Toledo Zoo with his mother Crystal. Then he moved to Glacier Run at the Louisville Zoo. Since the Louisville Zoo rotates the individual polar bears and the three Grizzly bears, the visitor may has had a hard time seeing Siku. Until her recent small injury, Qannik was on exhibit every day. Siku was in quarantine for a long time, but then with three polar bears and the Grizzly bears, he was never there on the days I visited. I haven't seen him in almost two years. Until now! He is the only polar bear visitors will see right now. 

Ich genossen Siku als er klein war auf mehrere Besuche in der Arktis Encounter im Toledo Zoo mit seiner Mutter Crystal. Dann zog er nach Glacier Run am Louisville Zoo. Da die Louisville Zoo dreht die einzelnen Eisbären und die drei Bären Grizzly hat der Besucher kann eine harte Zeit zu sehen Siku hatte. Bis zu ihrem letzten kleinen Verletzung, war auf Qannik zeigen jeden Tag. Siku war in Quarantäne für eine lange Zeit, aber dann mit drei Eisbären und der Grizzly Bären, er war noch nie dort auf die Tage, die ich besucht. Bis jetzt! Er ist der einzige Eisbär Besucher werden jetzt sehen.

Siku and his black tongue

So Siku is now the main attraction at Glacier Run at the Louisville Zoo. The Grizzly bear family also shares the two public enclosures in rotation.

Siku ist nun die Hauptattraktion im Glacier Run. Der Grizzlybär Familie teilt auch die beiden öffentlichen Anlagen in Rotation.
Siku finds a snack smeared on the wall by the window

More goodies. Peanut butter?

Is there food on the ramp?

Looking for more snacks

Still looking for more goodies

One of Siku's favorite resting spots, at the top of the ramp

On my latest visit, Siku had some enrichment of food smeared in varous spots, on the ramp, on the broken road, and on the rocks. He also had a frozen ice treat. He did some swimming, and then retreated to the door at the top of the ramp where he stayed until it was time to go inside on this hot summer day in Lousiville KY.

Bei meinem letzten Besuch hatte Siku einige Anreicherung von Lebensmitteln beschmiert in varous Flecken, auf der Rampe, auf der Straße gebrochen und auf den Felsen. Er hatte auch einen gefrorenen Eis behandeln. Er tat etwas Schwimmen und zogen sich dann in die Tür am oberen Ende der Rampe, wo er, bis es Zeit war, nach innen zu gehen blieb.
Siku smiles

Time for a swim on a hot summer day

Dive, dive

Siku likes to swim, but not as much as Qannik. She is the real water baby. This is Siku

Siku has a very large pool with big windows at Glacier Run

Siku is going to be 4 years old this fall, and weighs between 800 and 900 pounds. Qannik weighs about 350 pounds. He swims, but not as much as Qannik. I would think she would be missing her big pool. Get well soon, little girl.

Siku sein wird 4 Jahre in diesem Herbst, und wiegt zwischen 800 und 900 Pfund. Er schwimmt, aber nicht so viel wie Qannik. Ich würde denken, sie fehlen würde ihren großen Pool. Erhalten sie gut bald, kleines Mädchen.

Siku enjoys a frozen treat. Keeping cool


  1. This is wonderful!! IT is great to see how huge he is and how great he looks THANK YOU SO MUCH.. what a treat!! awww.. he sure has grown up...

    1. I did tell him how much you miss him when we visited. He does look magnificent. I hope you can come see him soon and see for yourself how well he is doing.

  2. Hello Molly

    Siku really has grown much! A beautiful polarbear.
    I wish Lulu (Quannik) all the best, hoping her leg will
    heal soon! Please tell us, when she is o.k. again. :)


    1. Dear Chris,
      I will go see Qannik as soon as she is ready to face her public again. It should be soon. I think they are being extra cautious with our princess.

  3. Knuti-Judi 'brought' me to your blog this time and to your new thread. I am so happy to SEE "SIKU-Louisville-USA" in all his glory! He is such a handsome polar bear! I am much impressed. Thank you very much, dear MOLLY.

    Did you notice he'd even like to demonstrate you he is kind of an ANGEL!? ;-) . . .
    Copyright Molly MERROW

    To me, it is even less understandable now why this beautiful bear was hidden so long behind the scenes and even no information was given about him.

    All the best for dear QANNIK! Of course, she is unforgotten! Hopefully she will be soon her own happy and agile self and 100% healthy!

    29.08.2013, 04:05 AM cest

    1. Dear Dumba,
      I also hope Qannik is fine and healthy again very soon. It has given Siku the chance to be the main attraction though, and I think he is enjoying his fans. It is just sad that we had to lose Arki.

      I loved seeing Siku again, and I am looking forward to the time that these two young bears will be together, but that may be some time. Qannik is still much smaller, and they are both so young.

      I am glad you enjoyed my story about Siku.


  4. Dear Molly,

    Thank you so much for this excellent report from Louisville! Siku is a Beautiful bear and I was really glad to see him doing so fine and looking so happy!

    I wish Quannik a speedy recovery and hope these two sweeties can be together soon.

    Hugs from Mervi

  5. Dear Molly!
    Thank you for the nice pictures of Siku. He is a big boy now. I hope Quannik's paw will be better soon.
    Hugs from Ludmila