Friday, May 24, 2013

Arki dances her last dance


Last week we said farewell to a grand lady. 28 year old Arki died suddenly in her home at Glacier Run in the Louisville Zoo on Thursday, May 16. She was beloved by her caretakers at the Louisville Zoo, and at her previous home in the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.

Letzte Woche haben wir Abschied von einer großen Dame. 28-jährige Arki starb plötzlich in ihrem Haus am Glacier Run im Louisville Zoo am Donnerstag 16. Mai. Sie war von ihrem geliebten Tierpfleger im Zoo Louisville, und an ihrer früheren Heimat im Brookfield Zoo in Chicago.

Arki enjoying a snack at the Louisville Zoo - photo taken in March 2013
One of the two cubs living at the Louisville Zoo is Arki's grandson Siku, who was born at the Toledo Zoo and moved to Louisville almost two years ago.

Einer der beiden Jungen leben in der Louisville Zoo ist Arki Enkel Siku, der an der Toledo Zoo geboren und zog nach Louisville vor fast zwei Jahren.

Arki stretches
Arki was born November 27, 1984, to Clark and Trisha and the Brookfield Zoo.

Arki war geboren 27. November 1984, um Clark und Trisha und dem Brookfield Zoo.

Aussie at the Brookfield Zoo
She spent most of her life at the Brookfield Zoo, where she and her mate Aussie produce some fine polar bear cubs, three of whom are still living, include Siku's father Marty, born in 1996, who now lives at the Toledo Zoo.

Sie verbrachte die meiste Zeit ihres Lebens im Brookfield Zoo, wo sie und ihr Mann Aussie produzieren einige feine Eisbärenkinder, von denen drei noch leben, gehören Siku Vater Marty, 1996 geboren, lebt heute in der Toledo Zoo.
Payton at the Memphis Zoo

Arki was also mother to Payton, born in 2003 and now living in the Memphis Zoo with his young lady friend Haley; and six year old Hudson, born in 2006 and still living at the Brookfield Zoo.

Arki war auch die Mutter von Payton, im Jahr 2003 geboren und lebt heute in der Memphis Zoo mit seiner jungen Freundin Haley; und sechs Jahre alte Hudson, im Jahr 2006 geboren und lebt noch im Brookfield Zoo.
Grandson Siku at the Toledo Zoo - now at the Louisville Zoo
Through Marty, Arki has six grandchildren: 3 1/2 year old Siku at the Louisville Zoo, six year old twin girls Aurora and Anana (with Crystal) at the Columbus Zoo, six year old Nikita (with Nan), now at the Kansas City Zoo, and another set of twins born to Crystal and Marty at the Toledo Zoo last winter.

Durch Marty, hat Arki sechs Enkelkinder: 3 1/2 Jahre alt Siku im Louisville Zoo, sechs Jahre alten Zwillingsmädchen Aurora und Anana (mit Crystal) im Columbus Zoo, sechs Jahre alten Nikita (mit Nan), jetzt an der Kansas City Zoo, und ein anderer Satz von Zwillingen geboren, Kristall und Marty im Toledo Zoo im letzten Winter.

Granddaughters Aurora and Anana at the Columbus Zoo
The year Arki gave birth to Hudson, there were only four cubs born in U.S. Zoos, and the other three were her grandchildren, Aurora, Anana and Nikita, fathered by Arki's son Marty.

Das Jahr Arki gebar Hudson gab es nur vier Jungen in US-Zoos geboren, und die anderen drei waren ihre Enkel, Aurora, Anana und Nikita, von Arki Sohn Marty gezeugt.

Hudson at the Brookfield Zoo
Arki gave birth to a baby girl, Tiguak, born in 1999. Arki unexplainably rejected Tiguak, so the tiny cub was hand raised by zookeepers. She went to the zoo at St. Foy in Canada, where she was adored by all who knew her. Sadly, Tiguak died in April of 2011 following some routine dental surgery.

Arki gebar ein Mädchen, Tiguak, im Jahr 1999 geboren. Arki unexplainably abgelehnt Tiguak, so dass die winzigen Kind war durch Tierpfleger angehoben. Sie ging in den Zoo von St. Foy in Kanada, wo sie von allen, die sie kannten, verehrt wurde. Leider starb Tiguak im April 2011 nach einem gewissen Routine zahnärztliche Chirurgie.

Arki was also mother of a boy, Kinapak, born in 2000, who tragically died in the Buffalo Zoo in 2007.

Arki war auch Mutter eines Jungen, Kinapak, im Jahr 2000 geboren, die auf tragische Weise in der Buffalo Zoo starb im Jahr 2007.
Arki at snack time
Arki retired three years ago and came to live in Glacier Run, a new state-of-the-art exhibit. She has always been known for her signature pacing dance, although she had been doing it less at Louisville, thanks to training techniques. She would walk forward, then gently step backwards, swinging from side to side with her eyes closed and a peaceful look on her face. She also often enjoyed swimming in the big pool at Glacier Run.

Vor drei Jahren kam Arki in Glacier Run, eine neue state-of-the-art Ausstellung leben. Sie hat immer für ihre Unterschrift Tanz bekannt, obwohl sie getan hatte es weniger auf Louisville, dank Trainingsmethoden. Sie würde zu Fuß nach vorne, dann vorsichtig nach hinten fort, schwingt hin und her, mit geschlossenen Augen und einem ruhigen Blick auf ihr Gesicht. Sie hat auch oft Schwimmen im großen Pool auf dem Glacier Run genossen.

Arki loved her peanut butter and lettuce sandwichs.
 Here she enjoys some lettuce

A lettuce treat - her favorite

Arki was also known for her fondness for lettuce and peanut butter sandwiches.

Arki wurde auch für ihre Vorliebe für Salat und Erdnussbutter-Sandwiches bekannt.

Photo memories of Arki on display at the Brookfield Zoo following news of her death

The Brookfield Zoo put up a tribute to Arki in the alcove between the bear enclosures.
Der Brookfield Zoo in Aufmachungen eine Hommage an Arki in der Nische zwischen den Bärengehege.

Arki's family tree on display at the Brookfield Zoo

This grand lady will indeed be missed by so many who loved her.

Das Grand Dame wird in der Tat von so vielen, die sie liebten entgehen lassen.

Arki, you will be missed
                                    Arki and her dance


  1. Dear MOLLY - Thank you for this beautiful tribute to ARKI (I am sorry a tribute was necessary a second time so short after AUGO had passed away!), and for the additional information. I was also impressed by the information given by the zoo and their making a special tribute to their dear ARKI with photos on a glass panel at the visitors' window. Great!

    25.05.2013, 09:00 cest

  2. Molly...

    Arki truly was a grand lady; such a beautiful bear. I live within an easy drive of the Toledo Zoo, and remember the excitement in 2006 when both Crystal and Nan had cubs, but I didn't realize at the time that they were Arki's "grancubs," making Hudson their uncle. I was able to visit Siku when he was still at Toledo, and am planning a trip in the near future to visit Crystal and her cubs... Arki's latest descendants.

    I am so touched by the tribute for her at Brookside Zoo... what a lovely thing for them to do. Your tribute to this wonderful bear lady is so heartfelt... and she will be missed. Thank you so much for sharing your photos and your memories.