Saturday, March 27, 2021

A final farewell to Little One


One of my favorite photos of Little One.
He was stealing Berit's heart during Valentine Enrichment back in 2015.

Little One

Such sad news today, from the Cincinnati Zoo. Little One was euthanized this morning, suffering from renal failure. At age 31, he was the oldest male polar bear in the country. He was active up until his final few days, when he seemed to lose interest in his activities and his food.

He was born in Cleveland December 13, 1989, and came to the Cincinnati Zoo in 2007.

His mother was Snowball and his father was Nauyet. Little One's brother Blizzard, born in 1984, was the mate of Snow Lily, and the father of the late Tundra. He died in 2006.

His only living relative is a sister, 29 year old Satuki in Asahiyama Zoo in Hokkaido Japan.

Little One has enjoyed great companionship over the years, first with Rizzo and Berit, and then with the lovely little Anana.

He was a popular guy at the zoo, with a great many fans who will miss him terribly.

Since Cincinnati is my local zoo, I have visited Little One many times over the years, and have put together a little photo gallery in remembrance of the good times.

Little One enjoyed his enrichment snacks, here a little watermelon.

Berit, now in Wisconsin, and Little One 

Anana, now also gone just in February, and Little One

Little One and Anana in 2018

Little One was very fluffy, and had lots of fur on his feet

Little One on his 31st birthday, last December 13 

In the days when we had three polar bears in the Cincinnati Zoo.
Little One, Rizzo and Berit

Little One and Rizzo in 2012

Rizzo and Little One in 2012

Little One liked his toys at times, 
 especially if someone else wanted to play with them.

Little One peeking through the gate between enclosures

The last time I saw Little One, just last month. It was February 23.
He was out and about and seemed fine.

Rest in Peace, Little One. You were well loved. Now there are no polar bears at the Cincinnati Zoo.


  1. Dear Molly!
    What a nice tribute to the sweet Little One. He will be missed but he had a good life and is now beyond pain and sorrow.
    Hugs from Mervi

  2. Dear Molly
    You write beautifully and with the photos it is a fine tribute to Little One. Like all Polar Bears he now walks in the icefields where seals abound "beyond pain and sorrow"