Saturday, July 28, 2018

A Tale of Two Melons

Anana with her personal watermelon

It was Members' Morning at the Cincinnati Zoo, and many of the animals got treats and enrichment. Since it was bright and early in the day, and cool, the animals were active. 

Little One
Anana and Little One each got a watermelon and a pile of ice. But then Anana started to wonder if Little One's watermelon was sweeter and juicier. She kept looking over in his direction. Did she dare?

Anana chews on her melon
Then she sees that Little One has a melon too, way over on the other side.
Little One, on the other side of the enclosure, has almost finished his melon
Anana makes her way over to Little One and his melon.

Little One, in no uncertain terms, defends his melon remains.
 So Anana backs off.

But then Little One decides he doesn't want that melon after all, and leaves.

Anana slowly and sneakily works her way back over to Little One's melon,
innocently resting on a barrel on the way.

Yes! she has the coveted watermelon.
Anana looks so smug as she eats what is left of Little One's melon. 

She checks to see what Little One is doing.
 He is actually on the other side of the enclosure,
 eating her abandoned melon.
Little One has a lot more melon this way, so he is happy.

A fine summertime treat for all. 

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