Friday, October 13, 2017

Water fun with Amelia Gray and her mom

Amelia Gray underwater

I stopped in for a quick visit with Anana and her 10 month old daughter Amelia Gray at the Columbus Zoo on September 20. Anana's sister Aurora has twins, Nuniq and Neva, and the two families rotate days in the public enclosure. These are the only cubs born in a US zoo this year. The family which behind the scenes still has a roomy, private outside enclosure with a pool.

Kisses for Mother Anana

Anana and Amelia
 On the day I was passing through, it happened to be Amelia Gray's day to be in the public eye.

Amelia is a happy little cub
 I was told that She weighed 250 pounds. Her cousin/brother Nuniq weighed 308 pounds, and Nuniq's sister Neva is a little one, only 200 pounds at nearly 10 months.

Amelia Gray paddles by

The underwater viewing area at the Columbus Zoo is amazing, and Amelia seems to know she is showing off for her fans.

She is aware of the children watching her

Sassy Amelia Gray

Up, up, up for Amelia

Amelia was busy chasing fish, and I was told that she actually caught one that morning.

Amelia playing with mom's favorite barrel

Resting for a moment

Amelia with her mom

Amelia often plays on her own, with her mother watching at a distance.
She is very independent.

Amelia Gray is named for the gray patch on her shoulder,
 which I have not noticed

Mom Anana loves the big blue barrel and she has discovered that rubbing her mouth on it makes loud noises, and she loves that. It is also fun to jump on the barrel. Amelia just watches her mother play sometimes.

Click on link for video of the Big Blue Barrel

Anana playing music on the big blue barrel. See video above

Amelia is quite aware of her visitors, and often swims over to say hello.

Saying hi!
Looking for a playmate!

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