Friday, December 23, 2016

Santa comes to the Cincinnati Zoo 2016

Little One and Anana are in the early stages of courtship, and did not get a visit from Santa, as it may have been distracting.

While polar bears Anana and Little One shyly try to get to know one another, the holiday season is in full swing in the rest of the zoo.

Scroll down to the end for a taste of polar bear festivities on past Christmases.

This year, 2016,  Sloth Moe is getting some grapes from Santa.

Santa asks Moe the sloth if he would like some delicious grapes.

Sea Lion Duke is getting frozen fish and eels from Santa

Santa offers some frozen treats to Duke the Sea Lion

Have a treat from Santa, Duke

Santa throws in the rest of the frozen treats for Duke to enjoy later.

Santa observes that he thinks Duke is enjoying his treats.

In the elephant enclosure, Santa raises an edible wreath for the elephants.

Santa raises the wreath

Is everything just right? Santa is checking.

Peanuts are inside the Christmas Ball

Santa greets his fans at the elephant house

Jati finds the ornament first

She very carefully positions the handcrafted ball

And then smashes it, of course. There are peanuts inside.

Jati smashes the 2016 ball

Jati, with her 2016 ornament, fends off matriarch Schottzie

Schottzie says okay, I will just eat the rest of the wreath

Santa wishes Merry Christmas to the elephants
  And in the Lion habitat, John and his family are waiting to get some meaty treats wrapped in interesting ways by the volunteer enrichment team.

Here comes the first of the presents from Santa,
created by the volunteer enrichment team.

Lots of decorated boxes, with non-toxic paint, to be filled with meat treats.

Boxes and more boxes

Here comes the Lion family

Is something special in the box for John?

Which box to attack next?
Willow chews on an oxtail.

Christmas presents for the Lions - video - 2016

 From years past - Christmas with the Polar Bears at the Cincinnati Zoo

Little One chows down on the ice treat in 2013

Little One in 2013

Santa with Berit and Little One in 2012

Berit and Little One enjoy frozen treats in 2012


  1. Hello Molly,
    I think it's really great, that by your beautiful photos we can take part in the Christmas celebration at Cicinnati.
    I wish good luck for 2017!
    Love Heidi from Erlangen

  2. Vielen Dank für den wunderbaren Bericht.
    Ich wünsche alles Gute, Glück und Gesundheit für das neue Jahr.
    Liebe Grüße Jens