Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Anori!

Anori plays with her doting mother Vilma


The children run up to the polar bear enclosure at Zoo Wuppertal, with shouts of “Anori! “Anori.” Everyone wants to see this darling girl, the only polar bear cub born in Germany last year.

Die Kinder bis zum Eisbärengehege im Zoo Wuppertal laufen, mit den Rufen "Anori! Anori." Jeder will dieses liebes Mädchen, das einzige Eisbärenbaby in Deutschland geboren im letzten Jahr zu sehen.
Anori! Anori!

Anori greets vising school children

Anori is celebrating her first birthday on January 4. She made news not only because she was the only cub born last year, but also because she is the half sister of the late Knut, who died last year at the age of 4 at the Berlin Zoo. He was the world's most famous polar bear, and his death broke the hearts of his many fans all over the world. So it was like a ray of hope when we learned that Lars had fathered another cub.

Sie feiert ihren ersten Geburtstag am 4. Januar. Sie machte Schlagzeilen, nicht nur weil sie die einzige cub in diesem Jahr geboren war, sondern auch weil sie die Halbschwester des verstorbenen Knut, der im vergangenen Jahr im Alter von 4 im Berliner Zoo gestorben. Er war der weltweit bekannteste Eisbär, und sein Tod brach die Herzen seiner vielen Fans auf der ganzen Welt. So war es wie ein Hoffnungsschimmer, als wir erfuhren, dass Lars hatte einen weiteren cub gezeugt.

Anori and Vilma share a vegetable treat
Anori shares the polar bear enclosure with her mother Vilma. A few months after Anori's birth, Father Lars moved to Rostock Zoo, where he lives with Vilmas' mother Vienna.

Anori Aktien der Eisbärenanlage mit ihrer Mutter Vilma. Ein paar Monate nach Anori Geburt zog Lars nach Rostock Zoo, wo er lebt mit Vilmas Mutter Vienna.
Mother and daughter swim together

Last winter, Zoo Wuppertal announced that a cub had been born, and released a few pictures from the den. The cub was named before keepers knew she was a girl. Anori means “wind.” The name would suit a girl or a boy cub.

Letzten Winter gab Zoo Wuppertal, dass ein Junges geboren worden war, und veröffentlichte ein paar Bilder aus der Höhle. Das Junge genannt wurde, bevor Tierpfleger wusste, dass sie ein Mädchen war. Anori bedeutet "Wind." Der Name würde ein Mädchen oder einen Jungen cub anzupassen.
The Mother-Cub enclosure
Last spring, when Anori made her public debut, visitors had to stand in long lines for hours to get a glimpse of the little bear. Anori's fans came from all over Germany to see this little wonder. The Mother-Cub enclosure is set back, and has limited visitor room so people had a short time to gaze at this cute little girl

Im vergangenen Frühjahr, wenn Anori ihr öffentliches Debüt hatten die Besucher in langen Schlangen stundenlang stehen, um einen Blick auf den kleinen Bären zu bekommen. Anori Fans kamen aus ganz Deutschland, dieses kleine Wunder zu sehen. Die Mutter-Cub Gehäuse ist zurück, und verfügt über begrenzte Besucher Raum, damit die Leute hatten eine kurze Zeit, um dieses niedliche kleine Mädchen schauen.
Mother Vilma and daughter Anori

Anori loves to play with her mother in the water
When Anori was older and able to swim in the big pool, more visitors could be accommodated.

Wenn Anori älter und in der Lage, im großen Pool schwimmen war, konnte mehr Besucher untergebracht werden.

Anori tears at the carpet toy

Remodelling the enclosure?

So much fun with the simple things in life

I visited her in September, when she was 8 months old. She and her mother could move as they wished from the main area, with a nice pool, through the house, to the mother-cub area in the back. Anori would sometimes take a toy from one area to the other. In the mother-cub area, she had a folded up carpet to play with, and she had a lot of fun with that. She also liked to stand to swat at the hanging vines.

Ich besuchte sie im September, wenn sie 8 Monate alt war. Sie und ihre Mutter bewegen konnte, wie sie von den wichtigsten Bereich gewünscht, mit einem schönen Pool, durch das Haus, um die Mutter-cub Bereich in den Rücken. Anori wäre manchmal ein Spielzeug aus einem Bereich in den anderen. In der Mutter-cub Bereich, hatte sie einen zusammengefalteten Teppich zu spielen, und sie hatte eine Menge Spaß damit. Sie auch gerne zu swat an den Lianen stehen.
Anori says: I want to play with THAT!
Make it so! Anori playing with the vines
At times Anori seemed reluctant to swim in the big pool, but once she got in, she loved to swim and dive. Vilma usually let her play, but sometimes would play with her daughter, or even take her toys, but then give them back. Sometimes Vilma would start a game with her daughter. Vilma is good playmate, as well as a good mother.

Zeitweise Anori schien nur ungern in den großen Pool schwimmen, aber sobald sie stiegen ein, sie liebte, zu schwimmen und zu tauchen. Vilma in der Regel lassen sie spielen, aber manchmal würde mit ihrer Tochter zu spielen, oder sogar ihre Spielsachen, aber dann geben sie zurück. Manchmal Vilma wäre ein Spiel mit ihrer Tochter zu starten. Vilma ist guter Spielkamerad, sowie eine gute Mutter.
Mother Vilma gives a love bite to daughter Anori

Yes, life has been a lot more fun at Zoo Wuppertal, since Anori came along.

Ja, das Leben war viel mehr Spaß im Zoo Wuppertal, da Anori kam.
Anori and her favorite little tyre - having fun as usual.


  1. Hi Molly,

    Thanks for a great report for Anori's first birthday! Great photos!

    xo k-j

  2. Thanks Judy. Anori is very photogenic. It is easy to take cute pictures of this little darling.

  3. As I use to read regularly just one blog, I have to admit I miss lots of other works around polar bears and other animals. Such, I discovered your charming report about ANORI's first birthday with the lovely photos only today. As I did earlier, when I popped into your blog by more or less coincident, I love what I see and read. Amazing that you even seem to go to the trouble to translate your articles into German in the meantime. Thank you for offering your articles and pictures to the public. I will have to esteem your work a bit more often in future by visiting pointedly your blog. We'll see. . . . Good luck for your work. Wishing you a beautiful spring time which will start soon, hopefully . . . . 22.02.2013

  4. Dear Dumba,
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I loved visiting Anori in Wuppertal, and hope to visit her again. She makes me think of her brother, Knut. But she is wonderful for herself.
    I have so many German polar bear friends, and I am trying to learn German, so this is a good way to help my language learning process. I wish a wonderful spring to you, too.