Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tightrope walkers Anana and Aurora

Afternoon at the Columbus Zoo - Anana sniff out something yummy, and goes after it. Sister Aurora comes along and wants some too. The easiest way out to the treasure is to balance on some spindly branches and broken trees. The bears look like ballerinas as they balance their way along the "wire."
Anana sniffs out a hidden treat in the enclosure, buried in some old wood.

Time for a scratch. 

Move the wood to find the treat.

Anana: Here's my tongue.

Aurora wants some too.

What's the best way there?

I'll just walk on this tiny twig to get to my sister.

Aurora has good balance.

Anana tries the barrel roll on a big log.

Here comes Anana, balancing on the branches, trying to get to her sister.


I'm Queen of the World!

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