Friday, April 15, 2011

Buzz and Neil catch a fish

On my second visit to Neil and Buzz in the Como Zoo, in February, 2011, Buzz caught the second fish in the eight months they had been in the new enclosure. He took it onshore, and Neil decided he wanted some too. Buzz really didn't want to share. Buzz, while a little bit smaller, is the dominant brother.
They both seemed much more interested in fishing after that. Maybe they have started to figure it out how to catch a fish - at age 15.
Neil smells the fish

Buzz has taken his catch away to a spot behind the rock. No sharing.

Buzz is looking for more fish.

There's a fish, going for it. Oh, just missed it!

Back Flip.

Neil demonstrates his training. Zookeeper inspects the presented paw.
An associate visited Neil and Buzz last week in early April, and reports that Neil is still spending his time napping in the central enclosure, and Buzz is playing, swimming and fishing in the right hand enclosure. Not much has changed. While food is hidden in the lefthand enclosure, and Neil did go there for a moment to retrieve a snack, the bears mostly stay center and right. The bears always seem to have a good crowd to watch their antics.

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