Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Zoo Pumpkins of October

Anana and her pumpkin

October is just wrapping up. Every weekend for the past month, the animals of the Cincinnati Zoo have been treated to real and papier mache pumpkins as enrichment and just for the fun of it. Pumpkins are good nutrition too.

Anana retrieves her floating pumpkin

Polar bear super couple Little One and Anana are separated right now, maybe in preparation for denning season. It also means that no one has to share, or worry about another bear running off with their pumpkin, so they can enjoy it at their leisure. The keepers like to throw the polar bear pumpkins into the water, and then the bears have a time of it getting the pumpkin open.

This pumpkin hit the rocks and broke, so it was easier for Anana to eat

The big window gives us a good look at polar bear teeth, as Anana bites

Anana runs off with a piece

Still dripping


A pumpkin picnic

A paw to steady the pumpkin

Needs whipped cream

Good pumpkin

Keeper of the Arctic Foxes gets the feast ready

Each of the two foxes ran away to keep the treasure from the other

Looking for a private place to eat

Pumpkins just our size

No one will see me here

Something good on the top
No pumpkins, but it was nice to see the baby twin Rad Pandas
 on their first day out

Chester the old Andean Bear was just getting his bed all arranged with it was time for pumpkins

Not a real pumpkin. The papier mache pumpkins, made by zoo volunteers, are filled with treats.

It looks like peanuts!

Chester likes it

The Andean Bear is also called the Spectacled Bear because they seem to be wearing glasses

Chester takes a nap after a REAL pumpkin

Little One retrieves his pumpkin from the water

Carving out a face

The pumpkins seemed to have something yummy smeared on them, for the bears wanted to lick them clean

I think my jack-o-lantern is finishted

Maybe later...

Some of the zoo employees dressed up in costumes too.
 Bob Ross, the iconic TV painter, fills in at the face painting booth 

Spotted near the polar bears

It was trick or treat at the treat stations at the zoo, and there were a lot of little witches running around

Connie the White Handed Gibbon got some apples while Henry was getting his pumpkin

The other White Handed Gibbon, with the treat.
They are Henry's noisy and annoying companions
Henry the Sumatran Orangutan carries his pumpkin to his favorite spot

Henry was expecting his lunch inside the pumpkin and was mad that the pumpkin was empty. He had already had his lunch, but never mind.
He still wanted a stuffed pumpkin.

Small bites

Meercats got a jack-o-lantern too

Big enough to hide in his mouth, if you are a brave meercat

The meercats did not approach the pumpkin monster.

Schottzie got all the pumpkins. Jati looked but couldn't find any.

Trunks are good for carrying the pumpkin and crushing it too.

Snow Leopards Renji and Nubo got pumpkins too

Carving the face

Using the paw to steady my work

Mmmmm. Tastes like pumpkin

Creative design by an artistic snow leapard

White lionesses Prosperity and Gracious got pumpkins, and just rolled them around like balls, knocking them off the platform. They are cats, after all.

Made for the White Lionesses

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