Saturday, August 24, 2019

Bo and the Lady in the Straw Hat

Bo is quite the coy character

On my first visit to see eight month old Borealis, better known as Bo, in the Toledo Zoo, I witnessed how playful he can be with his visitors. He loves to play at the window in elevated room, where he can flirt with the ladies and tease the kids who jump up to see him.

While his mom Crystal sleeps, Bo chews on his paw by the window
Is anyone noticing? Come on over and play with me.

Who wants to take my picture?

I can't smell anything? Too bad the glass is in the way.

Oh, I wish you could pet me, says Bo.

Is my paw bigger than your paw?

Oh, who is this lovely lady in that delicious hat?

Please, can I have your hat?

That hat would look so good on me. Or maybe I could eat it. 

I wish I could reach out and touch you, my dear. And your hat.

Maybe I can lick a hole in the glass.

I can see into your soul.

Gnaw, gnaw, gnaw, maybe I can chew a hole in the glass?
I  really want that hat.

Well, maybe not. The hat probably wouldn't taste good anyway.

I will pose for my fans.

I can almost reach out and touch you.

Is this my best side?

They really do love me.



  1. Dear Molly!

    Thank you for sharing your fantastic photos of charming Bo! What an adorable polar bear boy he is!

    Hugs from Mervi