Thursday, February 14, 2019

A Zoo Valentine

Bibi is handing out kisses in the kissing booth at Hippo Cove.
 It's Valentine's Day at the Cincinnati Zoo and some of the animals are really getting into the mood. The keepers at Hippo Cove went all out, decorating Bibi and Fiona's windows with hugs and kisses and hearts, and even painted a "kissing booth" at the side window. With the help of a little lettuce from the keepers, Bibi and Fiona posed in the right spot. 
Baby Bonobo surveys the mess

The Bonobos were treated to boxes and paper eggs filled with treats.

Anana and Little One didn't get  special treats,
 but they enjoyed being near each other.

The cougars got their favorite paper mache eggs.

John was looking for Imani
Meercats got special themed eggs with treats.

The windows at Hippo Cove were painted with hearts, hugs and kisses

Here's Fiona in the Kissing Booth. 

Hearts on the windows. Hearts on Fiona's nose...

Fiona swims past the many hearts

Fiona's in the Kissing Booth again.

Floating hearts

Fiona gives kisses to a little girl visitor

Love from Fiona

Mother Bibi and Fiona at the Kissing Booth

A glimpse of Mani, the baby Tamandua.  The baby spends most of the time hiding in the hanging bag. I was lucky to get this glimpse.

A pair of swans. Love is in the air.

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  1. Molly
    What a wonderful Valentines Day Album.
    Hippos and Polar Bears are my two favourite animals. But the baby Tamandua and the loving swans as well.