Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Halloween at the Cincinnati Zoo

Schottzie the Asian elephant with her pumpkin.
 There were peanuts inside

The Cincinnati Zoo celebrates October by giving pumpkins to some of the residents on the weekends.

Anana and Little One, the polar bears, were not included, probably because the keepers do not want to cause Anana any undue excitement due to her suspected delicate condition! Anana is separated from Little One now. They were mostly sleeping.

Anana dozing. No pumpkins today

Little One takes a nap in his own area

Here are some of the happy pumpkin chompers from last Saturday.

Fiona and Bibi waiting for lettuce and pumpkins

A big pumpkin for Bibi

Bibi got a pumpkin, but Fiona got some yummy lettuce

Bibi chomping away

Chester the Andean Bear got a frozen pumpkin with stuff inside

Chester tears into the frozen pumpkin

The pumpkin keep this old bear busy

The gorillas didn't get any pumpkins on Saturday.
 Here is Baby Elle looking disappointed.

Gracious the White Lion stalks what is left of the pumpkin

Prosperity the White Lion shows her teeth. She got a pumpkin too.
The Malayan tiger trio got papier mache pumpkins with meat inside

The three Malayan Tigers were born at the Cincinnati Zoo
 and raised by keepers

Schottzie finds her pumpkin

Careful now!

Baby Black Rhino Kendi only got a stick

Lioness, probably Willow, finds a nice bone in the pumpkin 

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  1. Yep, Polar Bears can sleep through even the best party. Hippos on the other hand, like me, know free food when they see it. Lovely report.