Thursday, June 1, 2017

Basket games at Mulhouse

An ordinary laundry basket provides hours of fun 

Mom Sesi and daughter Nanuq at Zoo Mulhouse in France were treated to a basket of fish, and then the fun begins. The plastic laundry basket, a popular polar bear toy in Japan, was an entertaining object for both bears.

Mama Sesi und Tochter Nanuq im Zoo von Mülhausen, Frankreich. Sie wurden verwöhnt mit einem Korb voll von Fischen, und der Spass konnte beginnen. Der Plastikgitterwäschekorb -ein in Japan sehr beliebtes Spielzeug für Eisbären, war auch ein Objekt für Unterhaltung für diese beide Bären.

A basket full of yummy fish

The photos tell the story. There is a short video of Nanuq rolling down the hill in the basket at the end.

 Die Bilder erzählen die Geschichte. Und noch ein kurzes Video von Nanuq, wie sie mit dem Korb am Ende den Hügel hinunter rollt.

Mom Sesi is having fun with the basket, which still smells like fish
Nanuq wants to play too
Will Sesi share her new toy?

Both bears think it smells great. Smells like fish!

Sesi tries it on as a hat

Parading around in her new hat

At the edge of the pool
Sesi's nose
Breaking through

How do you like my hat now?
Nanuq has some ideas too. She steals the basket
It isn't a basket anymore

But it is fun.

Fun to roll in

Is it still a hat?

Now what?

Maybe it is a flag

Wave the flag!

It's a blanket

It rolls and wiggles. Look, I'm a snail.

Wave the flag again!

The ring might be fun too

It is a fashionable belt

A bracelet

Pretending to catch some fish

So much fun from a simple laundry basket
Click here for Nanuq video - laundry basket rolling


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