Sunday, February 26, 2017

My Antonia

Antonia. She is sister to Katjuscha in Berlin Zoo.
In honor of International Polar Bear Day, February 27, here is a treat. Antonia is the only dwarf polar bear in the world. She lives happily in a little home made just for her in Gelsenkirchen ZOOM.

Zum Internationalen Eisbärentag am 27. Februar ist hier etwas ganz Besonderes für Euch. Antonia ist die einzige Zwergenwüchsige Eisbärin der Welt. Sie lebt glücklich und zufrieden in eigens für sie gemachten Gehege im Zoom in Gelsenkirchen.

Antonia by her door

Antonia likes to sit or stand at the edge of her little pool


 Antonia, now age 27, is about one third the size of a normal polar bear. She was born in Karlsruhe Zoo back in 1989, lived in Stuttgart for a short time, but has been a beloved resident of Gelsenkirchen ZOOM for most of her life.

Antonia ist nun schon 27 Jahre alt, ihre Größe ist circa das Drittel einer normalen Eisbärengröße. Sie kam im Zoo in Karlsruhe zur Welt im Jahr 1989, lebte kurzzeitig in Stuttgart, aber sie ist nun eine sehr beliebte Bewohnerin des Gelsenkirchen ZOOM schon seit langem.

Antonia has her own sign, to explain how small she is.

Antonia is usually in her own little home.
 Sometimes she rotates into the big yard.

Antonia on the prowl

Antonia has very short little legs, making her look like a cub.

Antonia and her flowers

There is also a little video of her walking around.

Hier findet Ihr ein kleines Video von ihr wie so herumstreicht.

 Click on this link:
Nap time for Antonia. Goodbye.

Thank you to Marga Andresen Gransow for the German translation.


  1. Dear Molly,
    that is just a marvellous idea of you to post these awesome pictures of Antonia in honor of International polar bear day.
    Thank you very much, I really did enjoy the fotos of lovely Antonia!
    Hugs from Erlangen

  2. Antonia is very special. I am glad you enjoyed her photos, Heidi. I always like to visit her when I can.