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Nora's family

Nora just before her 6 months birthday at the Columbus Zoo.
Little polar bear cub Nora is treated like a Princess at the Columbus Zoo, where she was raised by keepers. She has quite a royal family too.

Das kleine Eisbäremädchen Nora wird im Columbus Zoo wie eine Prinzessin umsorgt, sie wurde von den Tierpflegern aufgezogen.  Und sie hat so etwas wie eine königliche Familie um sich herum.

Also at the zoo are her mother Aurora and Aurora's twin sister Anana (age 9), as well as Nanuq, Nora's father.

Ebenso im Zoo leben ihre Mutter Aurora die
Zwillingsschwester Anana, 9 Jahre alt sowie Nanuq, das ist Noras Vater.

Aurora and Anana's parents, Marty and Crystal, live at the Toledo Zoo where they have just had another little cub, a girl named Hope. In the entire U.S.A, there are only two polar bear cubs in zoos, and they are Nora and Hope, both in Ohio.

Die Eltern von Aurora und Anana sind Marty und Crystal -deren Heimat ist der Toledo Zoo, wo gerade ein weibliches Jungtier namens Hope zur Welt kam. In den USA gab es nur zwei Jungtiere,die in den Zoos zur Welt kamen und die beiden sind Nora und Hope, beide leben in Ohio.

Marty and Crystal have three other cubs too. Suka and Sakari are three years old and live in Madison, Wisconsin. Siku is six years old and lives in Louisville.

Marty und Crystal haben drei weitere Nachkommen. Suka und Sakari sind inzwischen 3 Jahre alt, sie leben in Madison, Wisconsin. Siku ist 6 Jahre alt und lebt in Louisville.

Marty is also father of 9 year old Nikita, who has just moved to the North Carolina Zoo.

Marty ist ebenso der Vater von Nikita, 9 Jahre alt und gerade umgezogen in den Zoo nach North Carolina.

As for great - grandparents, Marty's father Aussie still lives in the Brookfield Zoo. Marty's mother Arki died three years ago. Nanuq was born in the wild, so we don't know who his family might be.

Zu den Ur-Großeltern: Marty's Vater Aussie lebt immer noch im Brookfield Zoo - Marty's Mutter Arki verstarb vor drei Jahren. Nanuq wurde in der Wildnis geboren, somit ist die Familie von ihm nicht bekannt.

Nora has a half sister too, three year old Luna at the Buffalo Zoo, as they have the same father, Nanuq.

Nora hat auch eine Halbschwester namens Luna, die im Buffalo Zoo lebt, beide haben Nanuq zum Vater.

Here are photos of Nora just before her 6 month birthday, and some photos of her family too.

Hier seht Ihr einige Bilder von Nora vor ihrem 6 monatigen Geburtstag sowie einige Bilder von ihrer Familie. 

Nora runs over the greet a special fan
Hi Tess

Heading for the big orange ball...

Got it!

Nora loves her pink jolly ball

Almost as much as her spool toy

She is a sparkly little bear

Very sparkly

Very very sparkly

She loves the water. She plays for an hour and then she is ready for a nap.

She is getting out...

Ready to jump in again

Nora has many toys, and they are rotated

Here is Nora's mother, Aurora, admiring her beautiful self.

Here are Daddy Nanuq and Aunt Anana, who is twin of Aurora, in the back

Daddy Nanuq, when he wants to get dirty

Grandmother Crystal of the Toledo Zoo, and a young Uncle Siku.
 Uncle Siku, age 6, now lives in the Louisville Zoo.

Here is Crystal, grandmother to Nora, with her cubs Suka and Sakari. They are three years old now and live at the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison Wisconsin.

Grandfather Marty, who lives in the Toledo Zoo

Aunt Suka and Uncle Sakari. They live in the Henry Vilas Zoo 
in Madison Wisconsin.

Great Grandma Arki, who lived in the Brookfield zoo
 and later the Louisville Zoo. She died in the summer of 2013.

Great Grandpa Aussie, who lives in the Brookfield Zoo.
He was born in Australia.

And here is Luna, half sister to Nora. She is three years old and
 they have the same father, Nanuq.

Thanks to Marga Andresen Gransow for the translation.

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