Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day at the Cincinnati Zoo

The Cincinnati Zoo celebrated Valentine's Day a little early.
 Polar bears Little One and Berit were given red heart-shaped
 ice treats to celebrate romance.
It started out as a lazy morning.
 Berit was doing her stretches.


Little One comes over and tells Berit
that something is going on in the pool area.

Let's check it out!

One of the keepers has a surprise for the bears

What can it be?

It is a flying red heart.

Berit and Little One go for the prize,
 but wait, the keeper has another!

Little One gets the first heart.
 Berit waits expectantly for him to give it to her.

But no, Little One runs off with the Valentine.

He is keeping it for himself


That's okay, says Berit. I can get my own Valentine.
 I am an independent young lady

Berit has her valentine too

Little One chomps into the goodies in his ice treat
Berit has retrieved a second valentine.
 Now she has two.

Side by side, they enjoy their Valentines

Berit is proud that she got two Valentines.
A Double Treat.
 And she doesn't plan to share.

All for me, says Berit

It is an amazing day for the visitors
who came out in the cold to see this event.

And later on there was the Penguin Parade.
 Happy Valentine's Day to all.

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