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Siku and his American connection

Siku and his favorite stick toy
It's almost Siku's first birthday! He was born on November 22, 2011. Since he is a polar bear and unaware of such an anniversary, the Skandinavisk Dyrepark in Denmark, where Siku enjoys life, does not plan any special celebration. But this is a good time to look at Siku and his extended family.

Es ist fast Siku ersten Geburtstag! Er wurde am 22. November 2011 geboren. Da er ein Eisbär und nichts von einem solchen Jubiläum ist, wird die Skandinavisk Dyrepark, wo Siku genießt das Leben, nicht planen eine besondere Feier. Aber dies ist ein guter Zeitpunkt, um Siku und seine Großfamilie zu suchen.

Siku's Grandmother CW was born at the Memphis Zoo in 1979.
It turns out that Siku's grandmother CW and her twin brother Elvis were born in the Memphis Zoo in Tennessee in the USA in November of 1979 to the famous parents Olga and Bruno. Elvis and CW were the last polar bear cubs born in the Memphis Zoo to date. Elvis, now of the Gelsenkirchen ZOOM, is the father of the world famous Tips and Taps, the Chocolate Bears of Osnabruck, Germany.

Siku Großmutter CW und ihr Zwillingsbruder Elvis wurden im Memphis Zoo in Tennessee in den USA im November 1979 zu den berühmten Eltern Olga und Bruno geboren. Elvis und CW waren die letzten Eisbären im Memphis Zoo geboren auf dem Laufenden. Elvis, jetzt der Gelsenkirchener ZOOM, ist der Vater der weltberühmten Tipps und Taps, Bären die Schokoladenfabrik von Osnabrück, Deutschland.

Uncle Nuuk, on land, and Siku's father Nanook, in the water.
Here you can see only a little bit of how much space the bears have.
Visitors can walk through the area on an elevated bridge.

Elvis's sister CW (1979-1995) was sent to Kolmard Zoo, and she gave birth to Siku's mother Ilka and her twin brother Nuuk (also called Nordman), on December 2, 1993.

Elvis Schwester CW (1979-1995) wurde Kolmard Zoo geschickt, und sie gebar Siku Mutter Ilka und ihr Zwillingsbruder Nuuk (auch genannt Nordman), am 2. Dezember 1993.

Siku's Mother Ilka

Siku's Father Nanook

Siku's father is Nanook, who was born December 5, 2001, in Aywaille. He came to Rhenen in 2005, and to the Scandanavian park in 2006.

Siku Vater ist Nanook, geboren 5. Dezember wurde 2001 in Aywaille. Er kam zu Rhenen im Jahr 2005 und dem Skandinavischen Park im Jahr 2006.

Nuuk, Siku's uncle

Nuuk-Nordman (Siku's uncle) is the father of Freedom, who was born to world famous mother Huggies. Huggies and Freedom now live at the Owehands Zoo in Rhenen, Netherlands.

Nuuk-Nordman (Siku Onkel) ist der Vater der Freedom, der weltweit berühmten Mutter Huggies geboren wurde. Huggies und Freedom nun am Owehands Zoo in Rhenen, Niederlande leben.

Ilka takes a swim.
These three bears all came to the park in Kolind in 2006, having lived most of their lives in small concrete enclosures in old-style zoos. Janne, the young lady who has helped raise Siku, reports that Nanook and Nuuk are best friends. Nanook had a hard time adjusting to freedom and green grass and space when he was taken out of the old-style zoo, but when Nanook and Nuuk met, they bonded very quickly. It was a real “bro-mance.” Even now, visitors can see that the two boys are always near each other in the meadow. The three adult bears live happily together, except during the spring breeding season when Uncle Nuuk (who is now neutered) is kept apart.

Diese drei Bären kamen alle im Jahr 2006 Kolind, nachdem lebte die meiste Zeit ihres Lebens in kleinen konkreten Gehäuse im alten Stil Zoos. Janne, die junge Dame, die geholfen kümmern of Baby Siku hat, berichtet, dass Nanook und Nuuk besten Freunde sind. Nanook hatte eine harte Zeit der Anpassung an Freiheit und grünem Gras und Platz, wenn er aus der alten Stil Zoo gemachtes, aber wenn Nanook und Nuuk erfüllt, verklebt sie sehr schnell. Es war eine echte "bro-mance." Schon jetzt können die Besucher sehen, dass die beiden Jungs sind immer nahe beieinander auf der Wiese. Die drei erwachsenen Bären leben glücklich zusammen, außer im Frühjahr Paarungszeit, wenn Uncle Nuuk (wer jetzt kastriert) auseinander gehalten wird.

Smilla, also known as Lady

The newcomer is 22 year old Smilla, also called Lady, who came to the park in April of 2011 from a small, old-style zoo in Hungary. Smilla was born in Budapest on November 16, 1990. This lovely older lady has made progress, says Janne, but it is taking time. Attempts were made to integrate Smilla into the social group of other adult bears, but she retreated into a corner of the meadow, paced constantly, and refused to eat. Now she is in her own private place, with its own meadow, and doing very well.

Der Newcomer ist 22 Jahre alt Smilla, auch genannt Lady, die in den Park im April 2011 von einem kleinen, alten Stil Zoo in Ungarn kam. Smilla wurde in Budapest am 16. November 1990 geboren. Diese schöne ältere Dame hat Fortschritte gemacht, sagt Janne, aber es ist die Zeit. Es wurden Versuche unternommen, um Smilla in die soziale Gruppe von anderen erwachsenen Bären integrieren, aber sie zog sich in eine Ecke der Wiese, ging ständig, und weigerte sich zu essen. Jetzt ist sie in ihrem eigenen Platz, mit seiner eigenen Wiese und sehr gut.

Smilla at the bear house where Siku sleeps.
 The caravan the keepers have used to be near Siku is at the right.

Smilla has taken a great interest in Siku. All summer, they were in the same building every night and could observe the other's training sessions. Siku is fond of Smilla, and Smilla seems to enjoy being near Siku. She will probably be Siku's first bear companion.

Smilla hat ein großes Interesse an Siku übernommen. Den ganzen Sommer über waren sie im selben Gebäude jeden Abend und konnte die anderen Lektionen zu beobachten. Siku ist Smilla gern und Smilla scheint es zu genießen, in der Nähe Siku. Smilla wird wahrscheinlich Siku erste Bär Begleiter sein, wenn die Zeit kommt.

Nuuk and Nanook like to be near each other. They are best friends.

Because Siku's uncle Nordman (Nuuk) fathered Freedom with Huggies, Siku is also related to Freedom's son Sprinter's (born 2007) now in Hannover, as well as Freedom's twins Sesi (now in Orsa, Sweden) and Siku (born November 25, 2010).

Da Siku Onkel Nordman (Nuuk) gezeugt Freiheit mit Huggies ist Siku auch Cousin Freedom Sohn Sprinter (geboren 2007) jetzt in Hannover, sowie Freedom Zwillinge Sesi (jetzt in Orsa, Schweden) und Siku (geboren 25. November 2010).

Siku, very proud of himself


To trace family relationships between bears all over the world, go to

Here you will find the latest stories on bear news, moves, births, deaths, and important events. Ulli and her husband Gerard are passionate about keeping up with our polar bears, wherever they may be.

Here is the link to the Siku cam

And here is the link to the park page

You can follow the progress on the webcam as they build a new fence and other improvements for Siku's home, getting reading for the park's opening in April of 2013.

You can also like Siku on Facebook. Janne has been in charge of the Facebook page and the Siku updates.

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  2. Dear MOLLY - 'knuti-judi' was reporting today in "KNUTITOURS" that SIKU and SMILLA had have direct contact for the first time lately.

    When I made a search for SMILLA, as she wasn't known to me, I 'landet' at your blog.

    Thank you so much for this report - and for the most lovely photo of SIKU in the beginning - simply great.

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  3. Dear Dumba,
    Of course I approve of anything Knutitours would like to do, and I am so happy to share this information. Some people still call her Lady, for that is her original name. But at the park where she now resides, they call her Smilla. Little Siku and Smilla are lucky to have each other as friends.