Saturday, June 23, 2012

Aurora and Anana get playful

Aurora and Anana love to wrestle, swim and play all day.
Those beautiful polar bear sisters of the Columbus Zoo never seem to get tired of playing.
Anana smiles for the camera
During my visit in May, Aurora and Anana charmed and thrilled their fans with energetic antics, and hammed it up for the Paparazzi at their home in the award winning Polar Frontier.

The sisters spend their day frolicking in the 167,000 gallon salt water pool, where the water is chilled to a comfortable 64 degrees (comfortable for polar bears, that is). Here you can meet the bears face to face in the covered surface viewing area, or go below to see them swim and play underwater. They just love to show off for the crowds, and interact with the children.

Tasty fingers?

Anana poses for the camera


The Columbus Zoo has a wonderful underwater viewing area, and the girls like to show off. They know they have an audience of polar bear fans.

The underwater viewing area is spectacular!


Aurora relaxes in the wildflowers

Anana likes her salad of seaweed

Having a nice healthy snack.

Anana enjoys the seaweed that grows in t saltwater pool.

Aurora prefers the land, and Anana prefers the water, but they both love playing games together 
The twin girls were born November 25, 2006, in the Toledo Zoo, the daughters of Marty and Crystal. They are sisters of polar bear cub Siku and granddaughters of Arki, both now happily living in the Louisville Zoo.

These ladies they will be 6 years old this fall. I wonder if they will find a boyfriend soon? 

But they are happy with each other's company. It's nice to have a playmate.

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