Thursday, August 18, 2011

Siku is growing up fast

I visited big boy Siku and his mother Crystal at the Arctic Encounter in the Toledo Zoo at the end of July, 2011. He is the only surviving polar bear cub born in a U.S. Zoo last year. He was five months old when I visited him in June of 2010, and he's grown a lot more than I expected. At age 20 months, Siku is almost as big as his mother now.

Siku was born on December 3, 2009. His father Marty, who wasn't out the day I visited, is a big big bear, and Siku takes after his dad. Marty and Crystal are also the parents of Aurora and Anana, now almost 6 years old and living in a fantastic new bear habitat at the Columbus Zoo.

Crystal is ever so playful, and jumped around in the water a lot while Siku slept. When the cub woke up, they played together. Siku likes to sit in the small pond and play with his feet.

Siku loved chewing on his feet when he was little, and is still fascinated.

 He also loves to sit on the underwater shelf in the big pond.
Half in and half out. Siku's favorite resting place - a comfortable ledge.

Siku gets along very well with mom. They have lots of toys and so many things to do. The water is clear and clean, and great for swimming (and photography).

There are rumors that Siku may go to the Louisville Zoo this fall, but he's a really big bear for his age. I don't think he could be a playmate for little Qannik just yet.

And I hope to be going to visit Qannik very soon.


  1. Hi Molly,
    I'm also a polar bear fan, and I do programming for Polar Bears International. It's a PowerPoint presentation, done mostly in local schools. My motivation is teach about the bears and their lives, but we do get donations. Any money goes directly to PBI.
    Would you mind if I used one or two of your photos of Siku in my presentation. We're following the story of Qannik, so he will represent a new chapter for her! If you'd like to share your last name with me, I'll place the name at the bottom of the photo.

  2. Dear Diane,
    I love Polar Bears International!
    I posted the link to my blog on the PBI Facebook page and my name is listed as the poster. There are pictures of a younger Siku in older posts below. Of course you can use my photos. Keep up the good work for PBI.