Thursday, November 20, 2014

Nancy, a sudden loss

Nancy - ein plötzlicher Verlust
Nancy in a favorite resting spot at the Berlin Zoo

The three ladies of the Berlin Zoo are now two ladies. Nancy died overnight, quite suddenly. The officials are performing an autopsy to find the cause. Nancy's keepers said she was acting normally yesterday, and they just found her lifeless body on the rocks yesterday, as if she were still sleeping.

Die drei Damen des Berliner Zoos sind jetzt zwei Damen. Nancy starb über Nacht, ganz plötzlich. Die Leitung des Zoos werden eine Autopsie veranlassen, um die Ursachezu finden. Nancys Tierpfleger sagte, sie sei in der Regel auch gestern normal verhalten, und sie heute morgen fanden sie den leblosen Körper auf den Felsen liegend, als ob sie noch schliefe, in der ihr üblichen Haltung, auf der Seite liegend.

From bottom to top, Tosca, Katjuscha
 and Nancy, who was trying to take a nap

Nancy on the rock, Katjuscha walking

The loss of Nancy leaves only Tosca, age 28, and Nancy's half sister Katjuscha, age 30, at the Berlin Zoo.

Der Verlust von Nancy hinterlässt nun Tosca, Alter 28, und Nancys Halbschwester Katjuscha, Alter 30, im Berliner Zoo.

Nancy in late August

Nancy was born December 13, 1989, to Nina and Willie at the Karlsruhe Zoo, one of four surviving cubs to be born that year at that zoo. The other three, with the same father were Anton, Antonia, and Hellensia.

Nancy wurde geboren am * 13. Dezember 1989 von Nina und Willie im Karlsruher Zoo, einer von vier überlebenden Jungtieren, welche in diesem Jahr in diesem Zoo geboren wurden. Die anderen drei, mit dem gleichen Vater waren Anton, Antonia und Hellensia.

Nancy in spring of 2011

Nancy would have been 25 years old in December

Nancy moved to the Berlin Zoo on May 16, 1991, when she was 17 months old, and she remained there the rest of her life. She had no cubs.

Nancy zog in den Berliner Zoo am 16. Mai 1991, als sie 17 Monate alt war, und sie blieb dort für den Rest ihres Lebens. Sie hatte keinen Nachwuchs.

When I visited the zoo in August, I saw a lovely vision of friendship, with Nancy licking Tosca's ears. That unusual behavior showed how fond they were of each other.

Bei meinem Besuch im Zoo im August 2014, sah ich eine schöne Vision der Freundschaft, mit Nancy, die häufig an Toscas Ohren leckte. Das ungewöhnliche Verhaltenzeigte, wie liebevoll sie miteinander umgingen.

Nancy liked to lick Tosca's ears, a sign of a close friendship
German translation thanks to Marga Andresen-Gransow


  1. Dear Molly

    Thank you for this touching tribute to Nancy.
    Its so sad. The Three were reunited only
    for a week, then the unexpected loss
    came - what a nightmare. I hope Kati
    will make it for a while with her heart-
    desease. Tosca seems in good shape,
    but she has lost a close friend. You
    were lucky, to meet the Girls in their
    last summer together. We all in Ger-
    many miss Nancy very much and
    won´t forget her ever!

    Sad Greetings

    1. It is so sad to lose Nancy, and she was only 25, the youngest of the three. Kati continues to look wonderful, and I hope her recent illness isn't a sign of things to come. They do have each other, at least for now.
      Your American friend, Molly