Saturday, December 22, 2012

Santa visits the polar bears

Ho Ho Ho! Santa and his Elves have prepared frozen ice buckets filled with goodies for the Cincinnati Zoo Polar Bears.

Ho Ho Ho! Santa und seine Elfen haben gefrorene Eis Eimer
 mit Leckereien für die Cincinnati Zoo Polar Bears gefüllt vorbereitet.

Here they come! Little One and Berit
 approach their holiday treats with curiosity.

Hier kommen sie! Little One und Berit
  nähern ihre Weihnachts-Leckereien mit Neugier.

It's Christmas colored Ice Bombes!
 With peanuts and fish.

Es ist Weihnachten farbigen Ice Bombes!
  Mit Erdnüssen und Fisch.

Berit licks the ice,
 but can't get to the goodies inside.

Berit leckt das Eis,
  kann aber nicht auf die Leckereien im Inneren.

Hmmm. just peanuts here.

Hmmm. Nur Erdnüssen hier.
Berit flips it over to get to the yummy fishies.

Berit klappt es über zu den leckeren fishies bekommen.
It's hard work to get at the fish. The paw helps.

Es ist harte Arbeit, um die Fische zu bekommen. Die Pfote hilft.

I detect a definite fish flavor. Maybe Mackerel?

Ich schmecke einen bestimmten Fisch Geschmack. Vielleicht Makrele?

After all, Fish is a traditional Christmas meal in Europe.

Schließlich ist Fisch ein traditionelles Weihnachtsessen in Europa.

Do I have to be ladylike? asks Berit.

Muss ich ladylike sein? fragt Berit.

Little One knows how to get to the fish.

Little One weiß, wie man den Fisch zu bekommen.

Fish popsicle.

Berit wants some of Little One's icy dessert.

Berit will einige eisigen Nachtisch.

This one is all mine, says Berit.

Dies ist ganz meins, sagt Berit.
More fish, please.

Mehr Fisch, bitte.
Are there any more fish in there?

Gibt es noch mehr Fische drin?

Just peanuts left?

Nur Erdnüssen übrig?

It still tastes like fish.
Berit enjoys the fish flavored green ice.

Es schmeckt noch nach Fisch.
Berit genießt den Fisch gewürzt grün Eis.

Little One has eaten all the fish in his frozen dessert.

Little One hat alle Fische in einem zugefrorenen Dessert gegessen.

Christmas is a time for......

Weihnachten ist eine Zeit für ......



Little One runs off with Berit's Ice Bombe.

Little One läuft weg mit der Ice Bombe.
It's been an early Merry Christmas party at the Lords of the Arctic for Berit and Little One. Thank you, Santa.

Es war ein frühes frohe Weihnachten Partei bei den Lords der Arktis
 für Berit und Little One. Danke, Santa.


  1. Dear Molly, how wonderful!!!! Thanks for these great pics of Berit and Little One. The xmas stylish cakes are great!

    Kisses from Rodrigues


    1. Holiday greetings to you Birgit, in your island paradise. The bears did enjoy their treats a great deal. It was a treat for me to see them. Bear Hugs.

  2. Hello Molly,
    what a wonderful Christmas report this is. I like the colours of the icebombs. These days I think, many polar bears enjoyed these wonderful Christmas treats.

    Our polar bear Yoghi in Munich had a fruit icebomb, too, and needless to say he liked it.

    Thank you so much for these delightful pictures of Berit and Little One :)
    Wishing you a Happy Christmas!

  3. Dear Caren,
    Thanks for your comments. While many bears may get Christmas treats, it is a lucky thing to be there to capture with a camera. I liked your pictures of Yoghi and his Christmas presents in Hellabrun Zoo in Munich. Maybe Giovanna will have a surprise for us shortly? We can only hope.
    Thanks for sharing Yoghi's Christmas fun.